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The Odeon Exeter opened on 30th August 1937, seating 1,900. In 1942, it suffered minor bomb damage in a raid that destroyed much of central Exeter, but was later repaired and restored. The cinema was tripled in 1972 in the standard Odeon pattern (main screen in circle / disused front stalls; smaller screens beneath the circle). Like the Odeon Weston-super-Mare, a fourth screen was added in the former front stalls in 1988.

* Exeter Memories by David Cornforth includes an up-to-date detailed history of the building.
Cinematopia essential resource Cinema Treasures - Odeon Exeter.

Note the small tree growing out of the front facade in the 2006 pictures. Even those High Street cinemas that to date have survived the cull are not necessarily kept as gleaming and clean as the major circuits' multiplexes.

1949 (© Odeon Cavalcade):
Odeon Exeter - 1949 (Odeon Cavalcade) Odeon Exeter - 1949 (Odeon Cavalcade)

1954 / 1955 (© Odeon Cavalcade):
Odeon Exeter - 1955 (Odeon Cavalcade) Odeon Exeter - 1954 (Odeon Cavalcade)

1972 (© Odeon Cavalcade):
Odeon Exeter - 1971 (Odeon Cavalcade)

Odeon Exeter - 2006 Odeon Exeter - 2006 Odeon Exeter - 2006

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